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Sized items are indicated. Other items are free size.

Clothing for ladies are mostly unique in colors and patterns and are not duplicated. Photos on this page are samples of available styles and a particular item may still be available or not. To make a request or receive photos of what is available in certain styles e-mail

Above $18 skirt category

Above $15 Sitara skirts

Above $15 Jaipur skirts

Above $15 Pallaza Pants

Above $15 Beige Print skirts

Above $18 Long Printed Kurtis

Above $18 Printed Pants

Above $18 South Cotton skirts sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $18 Twisted Pants

Above $22 Skirt, Dupatta sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $15 Rayon with Fancy Border skirts

Above $25 Skirt,Choli,Dupatta sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $15 Printed skirts

Above $10 Embroidered Tops S-M, L-XL

Above $13 Polyester Printed tops sizes S-M, L,XL

Above $13 Cotton Printed tops sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $18 South Cotton tops sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $18 Rayon tops sizes S-M, L-XL

Above $21 SC Bagal Bundies sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $25 I-Kat Kurtis sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $10 Baggy pants

Above $25 Gowns

Above $25 Skirts

Above $35 Skirt,dupatta sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $20 Rayon skirts

Above $42 Skirt,choli,dupatta sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $35 Dupion skirts sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $35 Skirts

Above $25 Punjabi sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $45 Skirt, dupatta sets sizes S,M,L,XL

Above $8 cotton dupattas

Above $52 Skirt,choli,dupatta sets sizes S,M.L,XL

Above $10 Gold printed polyester dupattas

Above $10 Gold printed cotton dupattas

Above $11 gold printed 2 tone polyester dupattas